Sunday, September 19, 2010

#262/365 Young People and their Assumptions

Ummm, yeah. I was *NOT* the 1 adult meal charge.

And Mark's mother was *NOT* with us.

So, guess who was considered a SENIOR (which, according to their standards, is 60 and over??

(hairy eyeball glare)

Now, I know why they went out of business before. HA


Dolores said...

Oh my goodness..... that's sooooo disgusting; they must be blind. You DO NOT look like a senior citizen.......grrrrr
I think you're 'all done' with doing business with this restaurant.

Beth Gore said...

Or you could just enjoy your extra $.50

What? That doesn't bring you any comfort?

People are stupid. That helps me let them off the hook! LOL


eureka1951 said...

That is funny. You obviously don't look anywhere near 60 but you know these young people these days!!! Anyone over 30 looks old to them! Hey, take what they give you! LOL!!!

Kathy said...

I agree that anyone over 30 looks old to the young and any one under 30 looks at 16 to the those over. ANother paradox I suppose..... : ) I called my mom the first time someone gave me a Sr Discount several years ago----after B, A and I stopped hooting and I wiped the laughter induced tears out of my eyes. Funny!