Saturday, September 18, 2010

#261/365 We Are Not Just Fair Weather Fans--No Sir-eee

This is the last photo button I will buy picturing my football-playin' CollegeBoy.
Mr. Senior will graduate in May 2011. Whoo-hoo.

Mark and I took a self-portrait under the gi-gan-to umbrella we brought to the game.
It was the first time we had used it and it was perfection!!
All four of us fit under there, dry and shielded from the wind.

Ignore the blue lips and red nose. Bah. COLD RAIN.

There is the loyal hubs next to my Queenie Throne.

Rachel and Caleb had gone to the concession stand.

Ugh. So. Wet.

Wartburg wins again!
The first half was rough.
So rough, it was like watching a different team.

But the second half was stellar!
The Cornell Rams did score one more touch down with seconds left in the 4th quarter
(our third string was in, I think), so...yeah.

Wartburg is 3-0, so far this season. Go Knights!!


Dolores said...

Great pictures and wonderful moments.... I know you cherish these wonderful times together......Such happy times...

Ohilda said...

Love that umbrella...and love even more that your Collegeboy's team is 3-0!! WOOT WOOT!

Kathy said...

Another win for Wartburg and another shiny gold star for #91's 'fan-0-the-year' family! Neither rain nor wind nor cold nor pain keeps you away! Inspiring any way you slice it.

eureka1951 said...

And now I'm caught up! Thanks for making me smile friend!