Saturday, September 4, 2010

#247/365 Shining Knights

My three favorite people on the planet.

My heart, walking around outside my body.
(also known as my kids)

#91 Defensive Lineman
My victorious Knight :)

Wow. What an impressive season opener for CollegeBoy's senior year. Wow.

Ooops. Sorry. Said that already. lol

So, season opener. This was the only night game on the schedule. The weather was perfect.

CollegeBoy is a senior. Fireworks were to follow the game.

Excitement was in the air, but also a bit of dread (at least on my part), because Monmouth is nationally ranked at number 17 and ummm, well, we're not. (check out the link for more info)

But, the defense was AMAZING tonight, actually scoring 2 touchdowns!! And they held the Monmouth team to .... drum roll .... 7 points!!!

Wartburg Knights win over the Fighting Scots 27-7!!! Whoo-hoooo!

I know it's "only football", but it has been such a big part of my son's life for years and it means sooo much to him. Therefore, it means a lot to me.

Because, as I always told CollegeBoy, I may not be a sports fan, but I am a Jared fan.


Jill said...

OH how I love football season. What a handsome group you are!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Dolores said...

Wow, you have every right to be proud and thrilled to death!!!
These a great pictures of your beautiful family!!!!!
Your daughter is so pretty and your son is so handsome.....
They favor their mama.....
Thanks for sharing your family thrills!!!