Sunday, August 22, 2010

#232/365 A Series of Unfortunate Events--the Summer 2010 version

This past weekend, Husband had a tennis tournament 5 hours away. We were both looking forward to an extended weekend away.

Husband gets sick night before departure. Think (overly dramatically stated) TB. Many droplets.

Day of departure finds Husband declaring he is too sick to travel.

Noon--original day of departure--husband asks if I can drive us to destination, as he can just as easily be sick there or here. Mmmmk. Off we go.

Arrived in destination city, after hours, hungry (me and Husband) and weak (Husband). Ordered room service for the first time in our lives. Yummm.

Pretty much, Thursday night's half a dinner (we shared), was the last food I ate, as I came down with (underly dramatically stated) some "intestinal challenges". ::coughcough::

No internet in the hotel room, without paying more than I cared to pay. Sick couple of travelers.

No interest in blogging.

If I am not better tomorrow, I am going to the dr.

Bah. The best laid plans ... and all like that.


Beth Gore said...

noooooooo! I'm so sorry. What a nightmare. (Hugs)

Dolores said...

Oh no, bless your heart ..... and intestines. It's so awful to be away from home and get sick.....
Hope you're feeling better this morning!

Ohilda said...

Totally stinks. I am so sorry. Sending you loads of hugs and prayers. Love ya!