Friday, August 27, 2010


Calling All Soft-hearted, Bargain Hunters!!

You may recall me writing to you about my friend, Holly and her wonderful family in this post.

The time is almost here where she will travel to meet their newest daughter, Elaina Holly MeiSu. They are still in need of funds for travel and fees.

Please, please, PLEASE consider doing some early Christmas shopping on her fund-raising blog.

She has a lovely assortment of treasures, some of them from her own collection of 'pretties', which she is parting with in order to bring her real, live treasure home forever.

There are lovely dolls, tea cups, tea sets and children's cartoon place sets (plates, matching beaded silverware).

Christmas, girlfriends, children, Mother's Day, Easter, Spring, Autumn---surely, you can find a reason to buy a gift *and* help bring a child home?

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Dolores said...

I'll check out her blog.... those are some cute items, and goodness knows it takes a lot of dollars to travel for these precious children.