Thursday, August 26, 2010

#238/365 Yes, I need every. single. thing. in that van

^^^ See my new cart?? Love that bad boy.

See my new in-van storage solution? The laundry hampers? I love them because they make emptying the van a breeze, for when I need a family car, not a work car. And, since they are see through I can easily find anything I'm looking for, for a therapy visit with a child.

And yes, a case of water should follow everyone around. God's gift to me.

Well .. and you, too. Drink up!


Beth Gore said...

I love it ... looks terribly organized. And I use bins/laundry baskets for everything. Even family trips in the car.. everyone gets their own laundry basket, not suitcase. And when the trip is over, they go straight to the laundry room. Easy to carry, easy for little ones to slide. Perfect solution for us too. And I too carry a case of water in the car. Great minds!

Dolores said...

Great idea..... see thru and relatively light weight....
You're one smart cookie.