Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#231/365 Good Will, indeed

Two new bowls, snazzy and Indian-inspired (for me and my work pal), and a hurricane candle thingie. You know, to put over a candle to give it more 'presence'. That is, right, isn't it? If not, don't laugh when you come over and see it in my house. haah

Two books, both speaking to the right crowd---moi. ::ahem::

And cool treasures galore. L---->R, top to bottom...a cool 'green' bag, funky beads, a lovely Banana Republic shirt, nifty summer skirt, BEST BOOTS ever, cute pumps for work and a school-colors inspired shirt to wear to Knights events.

Total cost?



Dolores said...

You always manage to find the best buys, so I'm sure you did good on these purchases too.

You wouldn't believe if you saw our trashy Good Will store.... nothing new and pretty like your good finds.

I don't have a clue.... how much???

Anonymous said...

Ok, figuring based on standard goodwill prices (so this won't be right if you went to CR b/c they price differently) I am guessing 17.85. Am I close?


Kathy said...

I'm going with your 'nothing should cost more than a dollar' and guess about eight bucks.