Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#224/365 Time Marches On

Me (in college) and my little niece, Ree-Ree. It was Little Sis Weekend at my university. Isn't she adorable? She's all grown up now, of course. And is a mom to two adorable boys of her own.

Boy, times sure change, don't they?

Look at the TV (black and white).

Look at the poster (so retro).

Look at my hair (so BIG).

And look at the length of the zipper on those MOM jeans. lololol


Beth Gore said...

I think I still OWN those jeans! LOL Come to think of it, I'm wearing them now in capri version. (Can you say "Laundry day is overdue"?)

Love the look back in time!

Ohilda said...

LOVE it! And Beth, don't feel bad. I think I own some too! :D

Dolores said...

I think you both look adorable, ....big hair and long zipper too...
Styles have certainly changed....