Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#222/365 An Unintended Bloggy Break

Oh my!! After the WORST night ever of insomnia (up till 4 AM, finally went to bed, exhausted, sure that I would sleep), only to toss for another hour. UGH

By the time the next evening rolled around, I only lasted till 8 PM. Unprecedented for me (at least in the last 5 years). It was great. It felt fantastic. (happy sigh)

The next night, I was soooo tired by 11 PM, I pretty much ran to bed, before I could remember that I have insomnia. It worked. hehe

So, with all that attention being paid to my weird, unruly sleep habits, I neglected by blog. Here is my first catch up post.

Look! Before I had insomnia, I was brilliant.

haha Actually, after 25 years, I have decided to frame my er, ummm, pieces of paper.

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