Saturday, August 7, 2010

#220/365 Sweetness

Thank you notes from Kris, Sam and Jacob

What great kids these two are!

I love Sam's detailed drawing. I think the man shooting the gun looks like George Washington. I know the 'powered wig' is actually hearing protection muffs, but still. It makes me smile BIG.

Wow. I am sooo impressed. These ubersweet cards and drawings arrived in our mail today. How sweet it that? I love that parents are still encouraging their children (especially their SONS) to write a personal thank you note to an adult.

What we did we do that was soooo fabulous to warrant personal thank you notes, cards and drawings?

Ummm ... (embarrassed pause).

We showed up at their house for dinner. ::coughcough::

Yeah. Truth.

My friend, Kris ROCKS. So does her husband, Chris (oddly enough, they are not the only couple I know who both share the first name, 'Chis'). I digress.

We had a great time with these wonderful people, who are caring and hard working and God-fearing and fun and funny and forward thinking and all around cool.

Now, excuse me, please?

I have some thank you notes to write.


Dolores said...

I too love receiving thank you notes, hand written. It's so important for parents to teach their children this act of courtesy.
You have good friends!

Anonymous said...

The boys thought they were pretty cool to make a blog! :) That is sweet of you--thanks!