Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#216/365 Is it August Alreaddyyy?, she whined

My cork board at work. Love the saying in the upper left had corner.

Love me some Dilbert. Seems to fit life in "the agency".

And look at my little Baby...CollegeBoy on his first birthday.

HAHA Sometimes, you gotta mean business, if you need to get work done.

Jim and Kathy? My BOSSES, of course. They can bug me anytime. Cuz they are BOSSES. lol

Files and papers. Files of papers. UGH

This bad boy last 6 months. 6!! Blah.

I pack it full and beat the stew out of it dragging it up curbs, through snow and over gravel, etc.

It's time to buy a new one. I am looking for something a bit more durable this time.

Ya think? lol

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