Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#243/365 Full Circle

One of the towns whose children I serve live in this small hamlet. The name of the town is pronounced "KWAS-keh-ton" (emphasis on the first syllable); not "Kwas-KWEE-ton". Obviously, an Indian name. That is obvious, right, from the sign and all?

This is Quasqueton's former school. At one time, I am sure it was a K-12 building, then an elementary and now, it is closed. It has been turned into housing (apartments), I believe.

Funny thing is, back before college graduation (circa 1984?), I worked in this school. As a student SLP, I was asked to help cover a vacancy here. I went out 2 or 3 days per week, to serve the school children who had speech needs.

See the three windows over the doorway arch? That was a large coat room. It was where my 'office' was. Where I saw children and completed paperwork.

For free (no pay).

Fifty mile + commute. (for free)

In the freezing cold (no heat).

I know that likely sounds like some old timer story (and it is), but it is quite true.

How stoopid was I? I believed them when they told me it was an 'honor' to be chosen to do this. HAHA

Monday, August 30, 2010

#242/365 Happy 75th--Wartburg Knights Football

This poster hangs in CollegeBoy's room at his flop house, er I mean, off campus housing.

He is in the back row, more to the right, #91.

Football season opener this Saturday at 7 PM against Monmouth, IL.

It's CollegeBoy's senior year. That is so hard for me to believe. This is the LAST football season we will have. I have been a football cheerleader for my boy for 8+ years.

I will not know what to do with myself next fall. ::sniffsniff::


Sunday, August 29, 2010

#241/365 Me and my ADHD reading habits...

The books I have been reading lately include: this one ^^^ (Criminal Minds sort of book), "Methland" (depressingly too close to home-literally), "Get Out of That Pit"(haven't even cracked it open) and "Too Small to Ignore" (about the importance of children in the Kingdom of God).

Usually, I like to finish one thing before beginning another (lists, tasks, food, etc.), so this is out of character for me. Anddd, I just remembered I am also reading, "Arguing with Idiots" by Glenn Beck.


FOCUS! lol

#240/365 Like Riding a Bike

This is me and my friend, M. She and I have been BFFs since high school. I was her "Best Woman" (we shunned the title, "Maid/Matron of Honor") and she was mine.

M was unable to make it back for our high school's recent 30th reunion, so when her son had a baseball camp event in our (former) home town, we were excited about the opportunity to get together and just hang out and chat all day.

We drove around town and hit all the highlights; the houses we grew up in, the schools we attended, the parks, the places, the remembrances of our teen aged years. We dined at Granite City and got dessert (to share). And stayed at the same table laughing and talking for 3.5 hours. HA We walked the mall (that used to be an open air 'plaza'). We even ran into a former classmate/girlfriend and visited with her for an hour.

With a friend like M, there is no initial awkwardness, no matter how much time has passed since the last visit. Like riding a bike. We share a history that needs no practice to keep up. It cannot be forgotten. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

#239/365 Apples of Gold, in Settings of Silver

Yesterday, I received the nicest thank yous from a super sweet Mama of one of my little people. A card, cupcakes, a devotional book and the tightest, most sincere hug I have ever received from a parent.

Better than a raise.

Better than a certificate.

Better than a plaque.

I will not soon forget this precious family and their love of God, their children and each other.


Calling All Soft-hearted, Bargain Hunters!!

You may recall me writing to you about my friend, Holly and her wonderful family in this post.

The time is almost here where she will travel to meet their newest daughter, Elaina Holly MeiSu. They are still in need of funds for travel and fees.

Please, please, PLEASE consider doing some early Christmas shopping on her fund-raising blog.

She has a lovely assortment of treasures, some of them from her own collection of 'pretties', which she is parting with in order to bring her real, live treasure home forever.

There are lovely dolls, tea cups, tea sets and children's cartoon place sets (plates, matching beaded silverware).

Christmas, girlfriends, children, Mother's Day, Easter, Spring, Autumn---surely, you can find a reason to buy a gift *and* help bring a child home?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

#238/365 Yes, I need every. single. thing. in that van

^^^ See my new cart?? Love that bad boy.

See my new in-van storage solution? The laundry hampers? I love them because they make emptying the van a breeze, for when I need a family car, not a work car. And, since they are see through I can easily find anything I'm looking for, for a therapy visit with a child.

And yes, a case of water should follow everyone around. God's gift to me.

Well .. and you, too. Drink up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#237/365 Connectivity

Since most of my work is done on the computer these days and since most of my territory is in rural Iowa school districts and homes, I am thrilled to now have wireless internet access, wherever I go.

Let's see if it actually works, shall we? Technology is great when it works and when it doesn't...?

I am one angst-filled speechie.


Thanks to my friend, Kris, who reminded me that I had not revealed the cost of the Goodwill items I most recently purchased.

I no longer have the receipt to PROVE the cost, so you will have to take my word for it. But, I am trustworthy, so that shouldn't be a problem. heh

The total for 1 pair shoes, 1 pair boots, 1 'green' bag, 2 books, 1 glass hurricane thing, 1 skirt, and several shirts was...less than $30.00.

Kathy, I am flattered that you think I could do as good a job bargain hunting that I could actually *acquire* these things for 1.00 each. (verklempt moment--talk amongst yourselves--ha!).

But, just because I think things should cost a dollar, doesn't mean I often get my way. (sigh)

Thanks for playing y'all. And Delores, next time you're in the Iowa neck-o-the-woods, we shall go Goodwill-ing. We'd have a lovely time, I'm sure. :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#236/365 Fer Real? (Saturday)

Kotex "Extras" and that "back to school good 'vibe'?" From a t@mpon?

Pardon me.


That *would* be something "extra".

Who writes this stuff?? LOLOL

#235/365 Last Supper (Friday)

My Last Supper of the "ill"-fated weekend getaway. Our first room service in our 10 years of marriage.

How romantic. The hubs was already sick.

Me, not quiiiiite yet. lol

#234/365 Ketchup Post (Thursday)

Nah. That's not catsup/ketchup.

That's a sight that greeted me one day as I arrived at my desk.

Two pieces of fresh, home-made berry pie. Nummmers. Thanks, Hollister! :)

The ketchup/catsup/catch-up is coming, by way of additional posts to make up from my absent posts for my Project 365. Onward!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#232/365 A Series of Unfortunate Events--the Summer 2010 version

This past weekend, Husband had a tennis tournament 5 hours away. We were both looking forward to an extended weekend away.

Husband gets sick night before departure. Think (overly dramatically stated) TB. Many droplets.

Day of departure finds Husband declaring he is too sick to travel.

Noon--original day of departure--husband asks if I can drive us to destination, as he can just as easily be sick there or here. Mmmmk. Off we go.

Arrived in destination city, after hours, hungry (me and Husband) and weak (Husband). Ordered room service for the first time in our lives. Yummm.

Pretty much, Thursday night's half a dinner (we shared), was the last food I ate, as I came down with (underly dramatically stated) some "intestinal challenges". ::coughcough::

No internet in the hotel room, without paying more than I cared to pay. Sick couple of travelers.

No interest in blogging.

If I am not better tomorrow, I am going to the dr.

Bah. The best laid plans ... and all like that.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#231/365 Good Will, indeed

Two new bowls, snazzy and Indian-inspired (for me and my work pal), and a hurricane candle thingie. You know, to put over a candle to give it more 'presence'. That is, right, isn't it? If not, don't laugh when you come over and see it in my house. haah

Two books, both speaking to the right crowd---moi. ::ahem::

And cool treasures galore. L---->R, top to bottom...a cool 'green' bag, funky beads, a lovely Banana Republic shirt, nifty summer skirt, BEST BOOTS ever, cute pumps for work and a school-colors inspired shirt to wear to Knights events.

Total cost?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#230/365 New Bedroom Set

I got really, really tired of the mangey assortment of sleeping spots/implements we had rigged up for the dog (old pillows, old clothing, some kids' blanket, etc.). My dog was slummin' it. And I was sickofit.

But not anymore!

Now, Scout has a new and proper doggie bed.

Which she mostly shuns. Isn't that just the way of it? lol

Monday, August 16, 2010

#229/365 All Things 'Food'--Unpaid Endorsements

Yummy, yumm, yummers. And only 160 calories. And quite tasty. And bigger than I had guessed. Score!!

And continuing in the 'food' category, who doesn't like to smell like a big ole vanilla cupcake??

This line of products is being sold at Wallyworld and has a Wallyworld price tag. Niiiice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#228/365 No-one Ever Asks Me What I Think

When did this happen? This new reverse design of the penny?

What does that shield even mean? Is it symbolic of something?

I sort of liked the Lincoln Memorial design. No, really. I did.

But, as I said in the title of this post, no-one ever asks me what *I* think.


PS Oh, ok. I went to this website and read all about the new design. I guess I'll let it go...this time. HA

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#227/365 Are You Ready for Some Football??

CollegeBoy and Mindy walking back to their car after the Fall Kick Off Dinner.

CollegeBoy: Well, ok. Thanks for coming tonight.

Me: Hey, I want a photo. It's your senior year.

CollegeBoy: Mom! I have to go!! My meeting starts soon.

Me: Come on!! Just do it quickly! (tickleticklepinch)

CollegeBoy: Mom!!! Quit.it.

CollegeBoy: Fine. That's it. You get nothin'. I gotta go.

Me: triumphant smile

CollegeBoy: forced smile

Mamas always win. heh heh


Friday, August 13, 2010

#226/365 SHIPPED!!

My new groovykeen cart for the school year. ^^^

Love how it looks.

Let's hope it holds up to the demands of my job.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

#225/365 State Bird




Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#224/365 Time Marches On

Me (in college) and my little niece, Ree-Ree. It was Little Sis Weekend at my university. Isn't she adorable? She's all grown up now, of course. And is a mom to two adorable boys of her own.

Boy, times sure change, don't they?

Look at the TV (black and white).

Look at the poster (so retro).

Look at my hair (so BIG).

And look at the length of the zipper on those MOM jeans. lololol

#223/365 Headlines

Anyone else see the humor in this headline?

Or is it just me, giggling like a junior high age kid?

Perhaps, I should join the Women's Club? Maybe then, I could get some SLEEP. ha

#222/365 An Unintended Bloggy Break

Oh my!! After the WORST night ever of insomnia (up till 4 AM, finally went to bed, exhausted, sure that I would sleep), only to toss for another hour. UGH

By the time the next evening rolled around, I only lasted till 8 PM. Unprecedented for me (at least in the last 5 years). It was great. It felt fantastic. (happy sigh)

The next night, I was soooo tired by 11 PM, I pretty much ran to bed, before I could remember that I have insomnia. It worked. hehe

So, with all that attention being paid to my weird, unruly sleep habits, I neglected by blog. Here is my first catch up post.

Look! Before I had insomnia, I was brilliant.

haha Actually, after 25 years, I have decided to frame my er, ummm, pieces of paper.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

#221/365 Cemetery Scenes

These interesting scenes are from various cemeteries I pass, as I drive, drive, drive through NE Iowa.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

#220/365 Sweetness

Thank you notes from Kris, Sam and Jacob

What great kids these two are!

I love Sam's detailed drawing. I think the man shooting the gun looks like George Washington. I know the 'powered wig' is actually hearing protection muffs, but still. It makes me smile BIG.

Wow. I am sooo impressed. These ubersweet cards and drawings arrived in our mail today. How sweet it that? I love that parents are still encouraging their children (especially their SONS) to write a personal thank you note to an adult.

What we did we do that was soooo fabulous to warrant personal thank you notes, cards and drawings?

Ummm ... (embarrassed pause).

We showed up at their house for dinner. ::coughcough::

Yeah. Truth.

My friend, Kris ROCKS. So does her husband, Chris (oddly enough, they are not the only couple I know who both share the first name, 'Chis'). I digress.

We had a great time with these wonderful people, who are caring and hard working and God-fearing and fun and funny and forward thinking and all around cool.

Now, excuse me, please?

I have some thank you notes to write.

Friday, August 6, 2010

#219/365 Guilty!!

This is Biaggi's white chocolate bread pudding.

It is sinful.

*I* am sinful.

I ate ALL of it, by myself, because my BFF resisted temptation. (pause for applause)

I believe with all my heart that this awesome piece of heaven on earth is responsible for my 5 pound weight gain this week.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

#218/365 *snort*

Not on my car ^^^^, but it made me laugh, nonetheless.

#217/365 You Know You're Jealousssss

My newest Oba-Mao T-shirt; a gift from a friend in Maryland, by way of a friend in Utah.

Yes. My friend-life is complex. haha

But my political leanings are not.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#216/365 Is it August Alreaddyyy?, she whined

My cork board at work. Love the saying in the upper left had corner.

Love me some Dilbert. Seems to fit life in "the agency".

And look at my little Baby...CollegeBoy on his first birthday.

HAHA Sometimes, you gotta mean business, if you need to get work done.

Jim and Kathy? My BOSSES, of course. They can bug me anytime. Cuz they are BOSSES. lol

Files and papers. Files of papers. UGH

This bad boy last 6 months. 6!! Blah.

I pack it full and beat the stew out of it dragging it up curbs, through snow and over gravel, etc.

It's time to buy a new one. I am looking for something a bit more durable this time.

Ya think? lol