Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping in July is so ... Coool

Meet my friend, Holly. Holly is a soldier's wife, a bio mom to 2 and an adoptive mom to 1 --- almost 2!! children from China. She also homeschools.

Her husband recently returned from an overseas deployment to Iraq and once he safely returned (Thank you, Lord), he was sent out of state, almost immediately, for additional training. This makes Holly essentially a single mom for long periods of time. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Holly is also a relentless advocate for orphaned children who are 'waiting', which is kind of a code word for children with identified special needs. She maintains a blog, called Purpose Driven Family. Every Tuesday, she hosts what she titles, "Take Me Home Tuesday", in which she highlights a child (or children), who is/are available for adoption. She signs her post on that day, "Until There Are No More Orphans". Wow.

She is driven, alright. And purposeful.

My friend, Holly, has a friend who is donating the proceeds from her Etsy store to Holly's family's adoption fund for one day only. Here is a link to her blog, where the situation is explained. But, the special shopping day is nearly upon us, as it is for July 6th!! (squeeal)

Shopping?? For a good cause?? Sign. me. up.

Please consider purchasing some of the cute jewelry on the Etsy site. Tuck them away for Christmas and birthdays. And know that you can help bring Elaina home and 'un-orphan' (a made-up Holly word) a child. Doesn't get much better than that, eh?


Here is another link to Holly's own fund raising site. She is "beading her way to China", by creating darling beaded sliverware sets, often with matching tea cups, children's place settings, etc. Give this site a look, as well. More shooping. For a good cause. In July. How cooool, is that?


Holly said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The results are totally in the Lord's hands...and they are competent hands. Faithful Hands. Holy hands.
He loves Elaina more than I can fathom. He knows EVERY child left behind and they are NOT forgotten.
Thank you for standing with me in this my friend.
One of these days...we must have a bloggy friends UNITE event :)

Dolores said...

Your friend sounds like such a wonderful Christian wife, mother and friend.
Sorry I'm just getting around to reading blogs..... I'm a little late.... we've had grandchildren visiting, and I've been too exhausted to do much of anything...

Dolores said...
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