Thursday, July 29, 2010

#212/365 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

This is now in the new 'guest room' (formerly Lulu's room). Just a week ago, this space was home to stacks and piles of miscellaneous 'frap'. Now, it is a nice office space. Please ignore the tangled mess of cords.

Buh-bye office. Helloooo, sun room. Looks nice, huh?

Would you come visit with me here? You'd have to bring your own snacks, because I am a terrible hostess, but hey. I'd be glad to see you. haha

A few of my 'favorite things'. Makes me happy just to look at them. (happy sigh)

I think I shall have to make this my new reading nook. Devotions space. Happy place.

^^^^ This *used to be* the dog's 'bed'.

She's a bit disgruntled with being displaced. Or maybe she's confused and addled.

Just like her mom.

That would be me.

1 comment:

Dolores said...

I love your new spaces.... the office and sun room look wonderful!!!
The chaise looks so comfortable ....I'll bring some crackers and wine.....