Sunday, July 25, 2010

#208/365 Couple of Carefree Kids

It was a weekend without kids. So, we went for a drive, without knowing where we were going. I love doing that. Actually, so does the hubs.

We headed east, into the direction of the terrible floods. The rivers in that direction were all so high, with swiftly moving water and swollen waters far outside their banks. Many roads were closed, due to the dangerously high water. Many cabins and homes are under water, due to the failing of a dam. So sad.

Next, I asked the hubs if we could head to a tiny town named Hopkinton, which was the former home of Lenox College (defunct since 1944). How had I even heard of this college? The wonder of the interwebz, of course. lol

It was a darling little campus, with a lovely church and several brick buildings, dating back to before the Civil War. The most important event to have happened at Lenox College (associated with the Presbyterian church), was the camps' response to the Civil War call for volunteers. All males on campus (except for two men--one underage and one in poor health) immediately joined the Union Army. It is written that Lenox College's sacrifice of all their male staff and student's was the greatest of all college's.

After poking around the campus, we drove to a town on the Mississippi River to have dinner. We found a place we had never been (thank you, Crackberry) and took a chance. The restaurant was right on the harbor, the sun was setting, it wasn't raining (amazing--remember the floods?), so we dined on the deck, overlooking the water.

We both had catfish and LOVED it. No dessert (remember the precious post?).

Overall, the day was such a nice, relaxing, spontaneous one, culminating in a lovely jaunt around the countryside. Ahhhh ...

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Dolores said...

Great picture of you and hubs....

Those are the best kind of days, just doing 'whatever' and not having particular plans..... sounds like you all had fun!