Thursday, July 22, 2010

#205/365 Amish Day Out

A local county park I used to talk my littles ones to, has been extensively improved. I was "in the neighborhood" and swung through to check it out. I was thinking that if it was nice, we'd take the crumpson there.

As I crossed into the park, I was met with this sight ^^^. Hmmmm....this park is smack dab in the center of Amish Country, but what was this buggy doing in the park?

Wow. What a pretty hiking trail head. That would be fun to do with the little man, too.

But what's up with the need to put a sign about 'no horses' on the trail? Who would even think about that?

Wait. What? (does double take) Horses? And hitching posts? In the PARK? I guess that explains the trail head sign forbidding horses.

Just around the corner, near the play ground equipment was this unexpectedly large Amish convention. It looked like a picnic or field day, as there were children playing on the play ground, young adults playing volleyball and women setting up tables with food.

I stayed a long, respectful distance thing for these photos. Trust me, the kids were pretty cute and I really would have loved to take their photos, but this is it. All you get.

And Val? I mostly certainly did *not* stare.

I grinned and waved happily.

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