Saturday, July 10, 2010

#192/365 Worst Moving Day in History

My friend Addy's moving day was today(l to right, Kristi, Addy, Stacey and LeAnn; Kathy had left and I took the picture.). They were supposed to be allll packed up by yesterday and ready to leave the driveway first thing this AM. But that was not to be.

Friday's follies included: the movers being hours late, arriving without having the right size truck, leaving and returning a second time with the wrong size truck AGAIN, leaving and returning with a larger (but still not large enough) truck, suggesting that the hot tub might just be tied to the liftgate of the (too small) truck, and left about 7 PM, with much more furniture left to load in another truck they would bring this morning.

Poor girl. Addy had invited us girlfriends over for one last goodbye. "Just stop by Friday. Any time. We'll be there all day. There is not that much left to do".

We pictured relaxing, drinking lemonade, hugging and promising to stay in touch. What we found was a home in chaos, moving day bedlam and a near tears Addy. Oh dear. I listened a bit, parked the car and asked what I could do. To my relief and happy surprise, I learned that the other girlfriends had stopped by, (like I had) and were staying (like I would) to help in whatever way we could.

We swept and vacuumed and cleaned sills and bathrooms. We fed a hungry dog (theirs), gathered loose- ends far and wide, dusted shelves and boxed miscellaneous frap. We gathered and emptied trash, took boxes to the garage, moved lighter furniture from the basement or 2nd level to the main level. I was a hot, sweaty and hurting mess (fibro-ugh). But I will admit, it was so much better to be there doing SOMEthing, than to feel helpless and useless.

I finally had to leave at 11 PM, as I was worn out. But, I wished that we could have finished everything that needed to be done, since I wanted to lighten their load for Saturday (driving day). It is my understanding that the movers were AGAIN hours late to arrive to their home. But, I also seem to recall a FB update in which Kristi (from above), mentioned that they are ... gone.


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Dolores said...

Moving is a nightmare in the best of conditions, but this sounds awful..... thank goodness for the help of good friends.