Friday, July 16, 2010

#199/365 Pysch. 101 and Procrastination

Love the new bedding and the old bed. The bare lightbulb over the bed? Not so much. I will need to rectify that. The room definitely needs some touches of personality, but it is a faaar cry from where things were.

The curtains were re-purposed from the sun room. Which is also a project half finished. Like dominoes, this process is.

About halfway through the bulldozing, er, CollegeGirl's former room, I realized I should have take some 'before' shots. But I was waaaay to far into the 'cleaning zone' to stop and grab the camera.

After all, it had taken me 11 months to get to the point where I was ready to tackle the mess. I gave CollegeGirl a deadline to come and do it herself and when the deadline passed (yesterday), I just sorta decided it was TIME. She hate for me to be messin' in her stuff, but oh well. lol

See all that frap? A young adult's lifetime of frap. Most of it, I highly doubt she even remembers she owns. She already took all the good stuff. lol

Now, imagine that all that was allllll over the room. Messy. Messy. Messy.

So, why did it take me 11 months to clean her messy room?

Well, what if she was gonna come back? (insert crickets chirping)


Invisible Hands said...

Great Job, T!!!! The room looks nice. I just had to do something similar.....turn a playroom/office into a bedroom for Lauren. funny how those vague rooms become catch alls for all the junk we own. LOL

. said...

oh how I would love to come sleep in that guest room! Who am I kidding? If we got together, there would be no sleeping, only talking!

My sister, 3 years older than I, left for college and my mom couldn't pass the room without crying. She left the room a "shrine" knowing her daughter would never come back ... was the type that said, "I'm OUTTA here at 18" and was.

Can't imagine that was easy for you either.

Irony twist: She's been back living at home for the past 13 years with a son.

NOT prophecy here, just free associating. :) Beth

Dolores said...

Looking good!!!! and..... You'll have fun fixin it up....