Thursday, July 15, 2010

#198/365 Saddest Sight

In a now nonexistent town stands a beautiful church. The cemetery is peaceful and pretty.

I walked about enjoying the peace, alone with my thoughts. But when I saw this headstone, I just felt stunned.

A mom and her three young daughters, all gone in a single year? What had happened? Illness? Car accident?

Was anyone left to grieve? A husband/father? Brothers? Other sisters? ugh

I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I had a chance, I searched the internet to find the story behind this sad sight.

All I could find was the briefest mention of a plane crash, in the church's online cemetery records. I have lived in this part of Iowa, since I was a child. I do not remember such a thing happening, but ...

Wow. Four lives, gone.

And many more forever changed, I am sure.

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eureka1951 said...

Our son-in-law lost his parents and brother in a car accident. It was the hardest thing we ever dealt with. Only comfort came in knowing they were together.

Seize the day......