Monday, July 5, 2010

#188/365 Rainy Day 4th

Yes, my bathroom overlooks a cemetery. The window is mostly for light, so it doesn't bother me. And it wouldn't anyway, since I like cemeteries.

The point of the photo was to show the rain against the cool stained glass rain cloud my daughter made for me in art class, looong ago. Pretty appropriate, huh?

The storms let up long enough for us to grill some chicken, which had been marinaded (and injected) hawaiian-style. My compliments to the chef. :)

We had two adult kids, two grand-kids and one daughter in law around the table. The rest of our kids were working, or traveling and one lives too far to come for a weekend.

Grandma had some chest pains and was admitted to the hospital Saturday overnight for observation.

She was released on the 4th and after the hubs and I picked her up, we took her straight home. The party then moved to her place and she was thrilled to cuddle her newest great-grandbaby.

Every one looks content to me. Ayla Renae most of all. There's no place like home.

Grandma has some new medicine to take after her hospitalization, but seems fine. And we are so thankful.

And first thing this morning, this is what our deck canopy looked like. Wow. Can you believe it?

We slept right through it. Old people can't hear. (chuckles)

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Dolores said...

Awwww.... your poor deck canopy, that's pitiful, but it sure looks like you all had a great time with family and food.......
So good that Grandma could go home and enjoy precious Ayla Renae.
God is good!