Thursday, July 1, 2010

#184/365 Me and God are just. like. this. (fingers tightly crossed)

Oldest son, Brian, has been looking for a new teaching job.
New wife, Amanda and baby Ayla have been wondering where they would be when
they found their new home. So were we.

I left this note (above) for Brian before his most recent interview, right here in our town. ^^^^

Today, we received a text message with the happy news that
Brian, Amanda and Baby Ayla will be moving back 'home' to start a new life together...
with us and his sister, Rachel and nephew, Caleb and sister, Abby.

My response is below.
I love it when God's will and mine are in sync. (hehehehe)

Welcome Back!

PS I am over halfway through Project 365!
Can I get a high five?? :D


Dolores said...

Oh my CONGRATULATIONS on all counts........ Wonderful news for your family!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! A baby girl CLOSE to spoil! So one package in the mail for the other! Yeah!

What does he teach? Good for him!