Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Call

Meet Beth and Dan. Married 15 years, this past Christmas Day. Yes, really. Christmas Day.

Here are the children of Beth and Dan; all adopted. Jacob, Kaley, Sam, Luke, Zoe and Baby Manny (left to right). Baby Manny is the newest child to join the family.

Five domestic adoptions. One international. Nearly all have what most would consider 'special needs'.

Manny has a condition called leukodystrophy. It is progressive and nearly always leads to a significantly shortened lifespan. Beth and Dan adopted Manny knowing he had the condition. They felt called.

They have spent a rough couple of months, adjusting to a new child. Learning to incorporate Manny's medical needs into fabric of family life. There have been paperwork and insurance nightmares. Hospitalizations. Surgeries. Oxygen tanks. Sleepless nights. Coughing spells. Tubes. Overwhelming, huh?

But as much as Beth could use a maid, nanny, cook, chauffeur, personal assistant, laundress, shopper, live in nurse, ETC., what Beth needs most of all are praying girlfriends.

Do ya'll know where I might find some of those? (big grin)

Manny is currently hospitalized again, this time with a rapidly appearing cellulitis infection around his g-tube site. With his already compromised medical state, this is even more alarming than it would otherwise be.

If you feel called to pray for Little Man(ny), please leave me a comment to this post. I will gladly pass along the fact that people are praying, as I know this will bless Beth best (for now). Here is the link to their blog, in case you'd like to read more about their wonderful family. On the blog site, you will also find a photo and HTML code (in the right hand column), to grab the Pray for Manny button for your own blog.

Thanks for opening your hearts and minds to care for and pray for this child. We are ALL called to that task.

And it is an honor and a privilege to answer the call.

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. said...

It's truly beautiful, Teri! Brought tears to my eyes. You're a special gift. Beth