Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#183/365 Peanut Products on Parade

Remember this post?

You all were soooo interested in the product (as I was). Many of you asked me to tell you how the product measured up, since if it was good, you'd be interested in scoring some for your own pantry.

Weh-heh-hellllll....lemme just tell ya. I have struggled to find the words to describe this no-cal/no-fat/no-kidding product.

The appearance is OK. Looks peanutty enough. The smell (that doesn't seem like the right word...fragrance?, odor?--nah--smell, it is) is alright, too. (shrugs) So far, so good.

I dove right in with a spoon and immediately noted that the texture of the product seemed ... off. Like a whipped butter sort of feel. (shrugs again) Das OK. I like whipped butters.

The taste was next. Oh dear. Like water-y, peanut-colored, marshmallow fluff. It was just 'wet'. Blech.

I shouldn't have been so surprised, since the first ingredient on the label is WATER, but ... (shudders).

I would have to give this product a disappointing two thumbs down. My husband thinks I should take it back to the store, since I will NOT be using it, but I feel sort of like I got what I deserved.

I mean, did I really think something with no calories and no fat could be a tasty product? Ummm ... yeah. Apparently, I did. HA

The next product needs very little text, as it gets two thumbs UP.

Sweet and salty. Portable. A new spin on a tried and true.

'Nuff said. :D


Dolores said...

I was all set to run out and buy a no fat peanut butter. Oh, how I love peanut butter!!! What a disappointment...

Funny you should show a picture of the pretzel M & M's..... Karen, our daughter was just telling me about them, and said they are absolutely to die for.....
I'll be buying those at the store tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Oh man yeah, those m&m's are FANTASTIC. seriously, what more could you want, right?

Dolores said...

You haven't posted today..... hoping your okay and just busy....
I hadn't realized I would miss your daily post....

eureka1951 said...

I LOVE peanut butter and have had it almost every b'fast for as long as I can remember. I found a new healthy pb about 6 months ago and love it. My nurse at cardiac rehab suggested it so you know it's good for you. Parker's Creamy or chunky! Only at Fareway or HyVee in the fridge section. You really should try it.