Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#182/365 We will not rain on her parade...

The girl in the red is my friend, Addy. She is the one I wrote this post about.

In about 9 days (::gasp::sob::), she and her husband and 4 children, will drive away from the only hometown they have ever known and will head to Nashville to begin a new life.

Tonight, they hosted a Going Away Open House. The following is a funny exchange that happened during the party. All dialog is spoken by Addy.

"Oh hey, Erika!. Come here! Take a picture of my friends adoring me".

"Ok. You guys just look at me. I want to remember this moment forever".

"Now, Erika, take one from over my shoulder, so I can remember what this felt like.
I'm gonna print this off and put it in a frame".

This is her "adoring public's" response....LOL.

We surely love our girl, Addy. And we will miss her soooo much, we aren't even going to talk about it.

Denial works well for me, so let's just go with it, shall we?

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