Tuesday, June 22, 2010

#174/365 Possibilities

I am spending the week here, taking a course that will allow me to take an exam to become a nationally certified lactation counselor.

I have thought abut this for years and finally, I felt as though the time was right to stick my toe in the water and pursue the possibility of a complimentary career, or the possibility of an entirely new career.

I completed Day 2 of the course today and am enjoying the information and learning opportunity. I have met a few great people, many of whom are already working in this area, in some capacity or another; WIC counselors, labor and delivery or NICU nurses, etc.

I am more than a smidge nervous about passing the exam and unfortunately, we will not find out if we pass the test for 4-6 weeks. Booo!

Please pray for my memory to be adequate to pass this test. It has been 25 years, since I took a board certifying exam. (shudders)

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Dolores said...

You can and will do it...... this will be a great opportunity for you. Good luck and prayers sent your way!