Friday, June 18, 2010

#170/365 A Soft Place to Land

This is my friend, Suzanne's, home. She has created a Welcoming Front Porch for Friends.

She owns a little Cubby doggie who is shameless in his quest for belly rubs (after he dutifully barks his yappy head off, upon your arrival).

Suzanne has an apron. She actually wears it, because she actually bakes and cooks and loves to entertain. And she is good at it. More than that, I believe it is one of her many spiritual gifts--hospitality oooozes from her pores.

See?? Evidence of hostessing wherever you look. She loves cupcakes. She loves the CuppyCake song.

Suzanne is a savyy TJ MAXX decorator. She is a savvy evangelist, too, always leading, directing, pointing those she loves in the direction of the Lord.

Chris and Suzanne's home is FILLED with photos of family. Other than God, family is the central focus of their lives, their home, their hearts.

Modern, classic, warm and welcoming. That's my Girl.

Sometimes, I sit here. Sometimes, she does. Sometimes, a golden retriever is at our feet and a yorkie is on our lap(s). There are always beverages and treats. Always.

I love this cozy chair. So many discussions made here. So much face time. So many burdens shared, prayers lifted, laughter generated, love exchanged.

Look what love has done, indeed. Have you ever seen a more beautiful family? Inside and out. The only thing missing from this photos, is Baby Leo. He was just a twinkle in his Mommy and Daddy's eyes. But God already knew him.

Why this tribute to my friend, Suzanne? Because we found out just this week that they will be relocating to Tennessee.

Am I excited for her? That would be an understatement. I am THRILLED that she will be in the city with her mom and sister. Closer to one of her brothers. Enjoying a new job (Chris), a new community, new sights, sounds and smells. New friends, new home, schools, ministries.

But will I miss her? Oh, man. You have no idea.

She has been a rock, one of the few that will "speak the truth in love" to me. She has been the epitome of Christ "with skin on". My soft place to land. Never any judgment. Never any gossip. Just love. And fun. And inclusion. And making me feel as though I matter.

The countdown to her move is rapidly approaching; as in less than 30 days. In that time, she will oversee the moving process, care for her family and friends, walk the walk and talk the talk. She will be, as always, the Proverbs 31 woman personified.

God goes before you, Addy Suzanne. He has made the way clear. Go with peace in your heart and the love of those into whom you have sowed your fertile seeds of love and care.

You are God's Rock Star.


Dolores said...

Oh my, this made me cry. Friends, good friends like Suzanne, are such a gift from God.
I can only imagine your mix of emotions of happiness and how much you'll miss her.

Beautiful family, pets and home....and you're such a sweet friend too...

eureka1951 said...

Like Dolores this made me tear up as well. May I ask? How long have you two known each other? Where did you meet?

Beautiful tribute to your friend!

Sue said...

Oh Terri...Your visual words... once again~ bring tears to my eyes.
That is truly a home....and they will make another one here in Nashville!:)

I know they are breaking SO many hearts with their decision to re-locate their PRECIOUS family.

Many probably do not realize that all of the open doors that were presented to them...just a short 8 days ago...are an snswer to prayer. God TRULY does give us the desires of our hearts.

I know you know...

What a wonderful tribute to Suzanne...What a wonderful friend you both of us:)
Come and visit...y'll :)
Love you.
Ps...It will be 4 years to the DAY that they will be closing on their NEW home...that I moved here...God is good. :)