Monday, June 14, 2010

#165/365 My Brother...

has cool ideas.

loves architecture and reading.

may spend his retirement years on our (make believe) hobby farm, if I can figure out how to *be* self-sufficient. ha

loves MMA, but not as much has his wife does. Truth. And for the record? He would NEVER wear that shirt.

has traveled all over Asia. Here he is demonstrating how he saw a man in Thailand 'petting' his dog.

is a great financial planner. He finds all that jazz FUN. (shudders) But, he gives me great advice--for free!!

is one of my three favorite guys on the planet. Here he is (standing on a stool, in order to not appear short). CollegeBoy and my husband are left--->right (in case you couldn't figure that out).

is one of my BFFs.

is off to Houston, Zion National Park, Switzerland and India in the next 6 weeks. Phew. This is us, just prior to his take-off at 6:30 AM. *That* was notsomuchfun.

Love and miss you already, Bro!!


eureka1951 said...

I love the picture of your "three favorite men". I think that would be your caption. All three handsome too!

Dolores said...

Oh what a sweet post, you're blessed. Your brother sounds like a wonderful and fun person.
Wow, his travels sound awesome.