Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#159/365 Drives Me Crazy

I don't know what it is. It hangs on the side of my house. There is extremely little exterior maintenance required on our home. It's all pretty neat and tidy.

Except this bad boy.

It bothers me soooo badly, I even bought some of that Billy May's Magic Putty crapola, er, I mean product to try to level the thing out.

It did not work. At all. Not even for a minute.

So, here we are. Looking at that saggy, weird whatchamacalit. Every day.

It really is the little things. hahaha


Ohilda said..., what in tarnation is it for? THAT'S what would be driving me crazy.

BTW, notice I'm blogging again? Just sayin. :)

Love ya!

Dolores said...

We had heavy rain and lots of wind yesterday, and our cable box was hanging from a wire.... like yours.... aggravating, at least we didn't lose our TV,cable and internet.....

Thank you so very much for your comments to me on my blog. Goodness, you just don't know how your words lifted my spirits...