Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#158/365 I'd tell you how it tastes, if I only knew

I bought the following two products when I started my "No Flour, No Sugar" diet a couple of weeks prior to our vacation.

In the Smokies, all hedonism broke loose and I was mindlessly eating a bag of large marshmallows, ice cream for breakfast and Krispy Kremes by the half dozen. I only gained 3 pounds, but knew that I was going to have to bring back to calm logic of the "No Flour, No Sugar" diet, in order to progress with my weight loss/health goals.

Calorie Free?? Whattt?

That's a whole lotta FREE!

First ingredient is ... water? Interesting.

And now, the compliment to the FREE-everything peanut butter, the calorie free jelly.

Again, with the whole ton of 'free' stuff.

I wonder if I will have the courage to actually try these things. Hmmmm. Just not sure.


Ohilda said...

HAHAHAHA....what's in the bottle? AIR????

. said...

Even LETTUCE has calories. Something is "fishy" there. Can't imagine! Good luck with that. :)


The Greens said...

Oooh! Try it, try it!! I'm dying to see if it's any good. If it's even CLOSE to tasting like the real thing, I'd buy it!


eureka1951 said...

Oh my! My peanut butter is Parker's and the only two ingredients are peanuts and salt. And the salt content isn't too bad! This just sounds kind of gross! Can't wait to hear how it tastes!