Monday, June 7, 2010

#156/365 Metting the Miss

Even my bad, blurry photography cannot take away this baby's beauty. Meet Miss Adelaide Ila (Addy). She is our third grandchild and she is 3 months old.

This is Addy's Daddy, Nate. He is a great dad and husband. And son and brother.

This is Addy's pretty Mama, Amber and Addy's cousin, Caleb.

Isn't she scrumptious??

Happy Parents. Happy Baby.

Here is Crumpa. He is smitten. Wrapped around her little finger.

Yes, Little Miss Addy, Crumpa will buy you a a new dress.

And a pony.

And a car.

Whateeeeever you want.


PS The first photo of Addy and Crumpa reminds me of this famous pretty baby painting by Bessie Pease Guttman

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Anonymous said...


I'd say he does look pretty smitten. Let the wild rompus at toys r us begin! :) Very very cute! I love her hair!

All three of your grankiddos are adorable!