Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#153/365 Redneck Fun **CAUTION-photo heavy

Do I think cell towers made into crosses are cheesy? Yeah, I sorta do.
Do they bother me? Not at all. I kinda like 'em--cheesy, though they may be. :)

This dozen Krispy Kremes were given to us for FREE from two very nice college girls from Moldova.
We inquired about their homeland and had a great time talking to them.

This half dozen Krispy Kremes were our gourmet donut choices. Yummmm.
Those nice girls gave these to us, as well.
Hope they keep their jobs. j/k

Kentucky Pie Ice Cream by Blue Bell? First thing we bought at the local Kroger. Heavenly.
And as it turns out....not long for this world. ha

Painted up, artsy bears seen all around the town of Cherokee. We made a day trip out of it. Nice.

I love me some roadside kitsch. This neon sign is a beaut, ain't it? (redneck talk).
We were gonna stay there, but there was 'NO VACANCY'. Serious.
The part about the NO VACANCY, that is. We would NOT have stayed there. :D

I bought this gem of a toy at the Cracker Barrel gift shop.
It will delight my little clients and will make them talk. It says back things you say.
We've had fun making it say rather unflattering things about a certain politician we dislike.
Cuz we're a bit juvenile, when no-one is watching. Heh

The Zorbit. Still deciding if I will be doing this for my birthday, on Friday.
Looks fun. Just don't wanna puke in public. ::snort::

Ah, Dollywood. We entered the park with one hour before closing.
Rode 2 coasters 4 times each. Impressive, eh?

Yes, we are on our second and third half gallons of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Ever had it?
If so, you're not surprised by this.

View out my kitchen window.

Dreamsicle Shake from Fuddruckers.. Delish. We shared it, as we do most meals and treats. We's old.

Mark's tasty treats. I declined. Too old 'school lunch' for me.

Seen on a hike around the Cade's Cove area.

I love these primitive homes. And wow, do I admire the women who lived and loved (and BIRTHED children) under such harsh conditions, while taming and settling our land.

My tasty, of course. Must off-set the Blue Bell and the Krispy Kremes.

Well, I guess we will be back at work next week, after all. Did not get ONE. NUMBER. Dangggggg. :(

Our porch swing and my 10 year old stylin' mini-van. 210K miles. Whoot.

Oh yes, we *did* go in this store...and left with nuttin'. Too pricey for us. Not even kiddin'. HA


eureka1951 said...

So happy that you and Mark are having a wonderful time. Love how the ice cream multiplied in the freezer!

Cade's Cove - it is beautiful. Are you watching for black bears? We saw one when we were there years ago!

. said...

Love coming along on your journeys of life. (NO sarcasm .... truly serious.) I see things I would have missed otherwise and I love that!

Happy birthday dear friend. (And do that ride!! If for no other reason than to be able to tell us about it!)

Love ya, Beth

Anonymous said...

Fun to see your pictures! As far as the ride, well, you know my experience with 'mind over matter' at Adventure Land a few years ago----I felt AWFUL for hours. If you just threw up and were over it, that's one thing, but it might ruin much of the day...... Count the cost before you roll. : ) XO