Thursday, May 27, 2010

#147/365 Special Delivery

I recently received this text/photo from CollegeBoy. He attends college in the town we used to live in when he and his sister were small and must have been feeling nostalgic.


One of the funny family folklore stories recounts the time our college student/nanny locked herself and my two small children (approximately aged 3 and 5) out of the house. Before the days of cell phones, you were pretty much on your own if this sort of catastrophe occurred.

They had, apparently, locked the screen stormdoor, but left the interior house door unlocked (not unusual--nice way to stay safe, but let the breezes in) and then, had left the house through a different door (also locked).

So, what did Janelle do? She (gently) shoved 3 year old Alannah through the mail slot (right hand side of the photo; small square door, under the window--click to enlarge) and coached her to unlock the door. Brilliant!!

I still remember coming home from work and how the kids raced over one another's words, in their haste to tell me the story first.

And how embarrassed Janelle was. lol

And how I laughed and assured her, it could have happened to me.

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Dolores said...

That's so could have happened to me too...