Monday, May 24, 2010

#144/365 There Are No Words

I thought I'd post these photos as a part of "Wordless Wednesday". That seemed most appropriate.

See, I am a believer in the "Thumper Rule". And I don't have anything nice to say about what I am about to share.

Because it is weird.

And unlike anything I have ever seen in a cemetery before.

It is not comforting or sentimental or decorative or beautiful.

It is not typical, expected or easily comprehended.

Unless, I'm missing it BIG TIME.

Without further prefacing, here is a marker in the same cemetery as the Morris' family.



The threesome.

Angels? Aliens? Children? Women? Men? Who can know?

Look at the size of the hands in relation to the head. So WEIRD. Please know that for a LONG time, there *was* no head in the hood of this being. Promise. We used to call it the Grim Reaper or E.T. (depending on our mood--ha!) Now, this teeny head?


Creepiest cemetery thing. ever. ^^^^^ "We are here to stay"??? What the HEY?

::blink blink::


Dolores said...

Goodness, that is creepy...

Invisible Hands said...

behind that creation....and it just didn't translate into stone..... Very interesting at any rate.