Saturday, May 22, 2010

#142/365 The DeThroning

Brian and Amanda are inheriting the rocker than belonged to his great grandmother. So, the chair that will rock Ayla, rocked her gg-grandmother (as an adult, not as a baby--in case, you were confused).

And it looks a bit tired, really. But, I think a set of new cushions or re-upholstering these will make it all spiffy again.

Driving down the road with this thing in the van (taking the place of one of the captain's chairs), made me think thoughts of the famous Griswold's 'Vacation' movie and their grandma (or was it Aunt?). ha

Oh dear John! It was Aunt *Edna* and this chair belonged to ... our Grandma Edna. (pauses to decide whether to laugh or cry--opts for fond smile of remembrance, which is completely what our Edna would want).

For over 6 long years, Caleb has reigned supreme as the ONLY grandchild. So, it would be perfectly natural to expect the dethroning to be a bit traumatic and it was.

me: Caleb, honey, can you move your hand, so I can take a picture of Ayla and Grandpa?
(don't you love his Alfalfa sprout?)

me: Thanks for moving your hand (snicker).

C: I'm just touching her....

Isn't she lovely?

Perfection. Fresh from God.

Little Ayla Renae looks just like her Mama.

We pray a long lifetime of love would be yours.

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Dolores said...

Wow, that's a very special rocker, and it looks so good. Every baby needs to be rocked and everyone needs to rock a baby..

Your grandson is so handsome, and yes the sprout is so cute.

Ayla is a beautiful baby girl.... love her name too.
Congratulations .....