Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#140/365 Chrissie---UPDATED

You can read about Chrissie's homecoming on her Mama's blog.

Chrissie's heart has been healed. Please pray for her family's comfort and broken hearts.

I will trust the Maker.

And I pray I can learn to "Boss My Heart" as well as Chrissie.

Here is a necklace created in her honor. I think it is lovely.

You can purchase one here, with $30.00 of each sale going to help the Patterson family.

UPDATE: I purchased my "Boss Your Heart" necklace. I pray it will honor Chrissie and my Father.

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Dolores said...

Oh Terynn..... thanks for sharing this story! ..... I've been reading the Mama's blog, with tears and joy...... What an amazing and beautiful family...
and Chrissie is now healed.