Monday, May 17, 2010

#138/365 No Problem

I will be trying to "No Flour, No Sugar" diet with the hopes that I will feel better and get better. I hope I can make this a rather permanent change, but am not at all feeling legalistic about it.

I needed to find 'replacement foods' for things I didn't think I could do without, like a morning granola bar, chips (occasional), crackers (occasional) and treats like cookies (not so occasional-ha!).

So here they are. ^^^

Today's new and improved granola bar from the health food section of the grocery store, was so-so in teaste, but certainly not a deal-breaker. It just tasted a LOT less like a candy bar than the FiberOne bars I had been eating. LOL

Overall, I am hoping to lose weight, increase energy, get better sleep, lower my cholesterol and blood pressure, get rid of acid reflux, and improve mood.

Tall order? Yeah. But, it's something I want to try.

Oh and if I can see results? I hope to reduce the ridiculous number of meds. I take daily.

And save the money toward another vacation. :D


eureka1951 said...

You can do it honey!! Philip 4:13.

Dolores said...

You did a good job on finding some replacements...... hoping your changes will do the job of improving your health.
I NEED to lose some weight......sure is hard for me to get motivated.
Good luck to you!