Saturday, May 15, 2010

#136/365 Lots of Love--UPDATED

Here is our picture of us with our little dance team friend, Amanda. It feels like we watched her grow up. She graduates this year and is off to the U of I this fall.

My mother-in-law, Virginia (center), her nephew, Jack and his wife, Doris. This photo was taken at Mark's third cousin's high school graduation open house. Got that? Pay attention! Might be a quiz. ha

Here is Mark pinning a corsage on his mom, as we head out to the Mother-Daughter banquet at her church.

And here we are, about to head out to the banquet. Being goofy. :)

And here I am, 10 hours later, about to get the hey outta them clothes, them pumps, them leggings, etc. and get into my jammies. That is one exhausted woman.

Long day.

Lotta love.

PS The very first event of the day was another graduation open house. I ::gasp:: forgot my camera, so I have no photos of us with the happy graduate. :( I hope to pirate some once they are posted on line. lol

1 comment:

Dolores said...

Hey girl, you sure look good at the end of the day! My hair would be standing on ends..

Your MIL looks so proud, which I'm sure she have family together.

Nothing feels as good as jammies at the end of the day.....