Thursday, May 13, 2010

#134/365 That's an Understatement

Ummm. Yeah. Not your Grandma's Phonebook is an understatement. Sheesh. I found this to be freakish.

There were multiple panels of information all about ME on this site. Some of it laughably wrong (I assure you, we do not live in a home worth over 1 million dollars--haha), but most of it was scaryclose to right.

So, go to the site called Spokeo, put your name into it and see what come up about YOU.

After you stop hyperventilating and swearing you'll become Amish, go to the bottom of the page and follow the directions to remove yourself from the directory, unless you really LIKE the masses to have access to all that information about you.

It will ask for your email (and I admit, it did seem icky to give these creepers any more info than they already have), but it is to send you a confirmation and a link to follow to (finally!) remove yourself from Spokeo. (shudders)

Who thinks of this stuff?

1 comment:

Dolores said...

A friend sent me this site last week, and I quickly found our names, and removed them from the list.
Yes, it is creepy.....

I've also worked on my Facebook account, trying to make it 'more private'...