Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#132 Recent Acquisitions

Whenever I get the itch to shop, this is where I head.

Cute outfit for work. Almost brand new.

Eddie Bauer merchandise is something I love, but hate to/won't pay store price for...

Cute, matching shirt from Christopher and Banks. It also looks brand new.

Big Score! Ubercute shoes and I *think* this is a good brand, too, right?
(remember, I had never heard of Pandora til Mother's Day).

Total cost of the outfit? $11.07

I love to shop. I love cute clothes.
I don't have to have brand new ones to be happy.
I refuse to spend a lot on things I wear.
I am a formerly single mom, who is cheap, cheap, cheap;
first, from necessity, now by choice.
I love that I can have fun, with no guilt.

In other words, I can afford myself. :D

(PS: the book I bought was about Baby Sign Language.
I like to have a library of books to give/loan to the parents/teachers/paraeducators I work with).


Dolores said...

You DON'T want to come to the Goodwill store in Seguin, Texas! The clothes are awful!!!!!

Wow..... you have a good store with good clothes..... great buys!!! Lucky you!

The Greens said...

I still don't know what Pandora is...


eureka1951 said...

Oh T I'm impressed!!! I just don't have the patience to go thru all those clothes. Do they have them placed by size? WW is going slow but steady and I'll need some new pants real soon so better check it out.

Which store do you prefer?

. said...

I KNEW I liked you ... we have something else in common. I can't remember the last outfit that I bought from a "regular" store! I get comments on my clothes all the time. Inside I giggle. If only they knew!