Monday, May 10, 2010

#131/365 Happy Mother's Day 2010

My girl. Is she not the most beautiful thing ever? I love that her shirt matches her tulip offering. I also love her jaunty hat. :)

oooh. I am just uncool enough to not know about Pandora...til now. My girl bought me a lovely bracelet (see the top of the catalog?), with a cool charm (a silver Bible, with a cross on the front). Love.

This is a very insincere smile. CollegeBoy did not want his photo taken. But, it's Mother's Day, so he knows he has to do what I want. (evil chuckle)

This was his proposal. I had driven 4 hours from Illinois and was in my comfy travel attire. He pointed out we were both in grey. Mmmmm-k.

This is what CollegeBoy brought. I have some nice kids, eh?

We drove to Illinois, the home of our oldest son and his very pregnant wife for part of Mother's Day weekend. Amanda is due in two weeks, with our third grandchild and second grand-daughter.

We hung out, ate, watched movies, etc., then we headed back to Iowa on Sunday mid-morning for the 4 hour drive home.

We arrived home in time to spend approximately 90 minutes, with our oldest daughter and grandson (see post entitled "3,2,1" from yesterday). She and Caleb left, jusst in time for us to unload the car of its suitcases and miscellaneous frap.

Next up? CollegeBoy and his galpal arrived. We watched home movies of when Jared was a little boy, even some from when he was a baby. Oh, what fun that was (for me)!! lol

Then, galpal departed for her job. CollegeBoy and I hung for awhile longer, while he shared photos of his recent trip to Denver, CO. He departed for his job.

In walks my MIL (husband had gone to get her). She and CollegeBoy literally passed one another in the garage. ha Husband had purchased KGrilledC. I dish up the grub. We begin to eat.

In walks Lulubug. She eats a bit and we watched a few home movies of her preschool years. MIL gets tired. The hubs leaves to run her home. I clean up. Daughter gets a snack.

Hubs returns. We mindlessly surf the web and the channels talking and laughing, until I begin to doze in my big ole chair (hey! what can I say? it was after 10:00 PM).

Hugs all around, then CollegeGirl takes off. (yawn)

So, to summarize, Mother's Day Weekend 2010:

1). 3 days

2). 2 states

3). 8 hours (travel time)

4). 4 Mothers (me, MIL, Rachel and Amanda)

5). 4 Kids (Brian, Rachel, Jared and Alannah)

6). 1 grandchild

7). 6 home movies watched

8). 7 AM (time Mother's Day began)

9). 10 PM (time Mother's Day ended)

10. 1 kids, 1 DIL, 1 grand-daughter (missed--in Tennessee) and 1 kid (missed--out of town).

Oh well.

Maybe next year we can see everyone, under one roof, at the same time?

Not likely, but it's possible. LOL


eureka1951 said...

My daughter bought me a Pandora bracelet and charm last Mother's Day. Hubby was with her and bought me two more charms. Think the poor guy was in sticker shock when the told him the price. LOL!!! Love my bracelet and I only get charms for special occasions.

Dolores said...

Hey girl, you've got some good looking 'kids'......your daughter is so pretty and your son so handsome ..You look so tiny next to your son.....such a sweet picture.

I'm familiar with the Pandora bracelets, and I love them..... what a great gift and lovely poseys!!

Your mother's day events wore me out....
Glad you had such a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love teh pandora bracelet! YOur daughter did good! You can tell my hubby to get me one too! :) Gald you had a great m day!
love kris