Friday, May 7, 2010

#128/365 My Mantra

As a single mom, there were times that included situations and circumstances that were tough and trying.

Whenever I would fantasize about leaving (taking my kids with me, of course), I would whisper to myself my mantra.

It was whispered reverently, slowly and with a deep inhalation and a long exhalation.

And what was my mantra?

Was it the cliche, mediatative "00hmmmmm"?

Was is a favorite Bible verse?

A slogan?


It was a single word that represented escape.

And freedom.

And space.

And 4 people per square mile.

My mantra was, "Montana".

And now, I am beginning to see just how prophetic it might have been.

Not yet.

But, someday, God willing.


1 comment:

Dolores said...

Now that's a good looking travel trailer! Montana there you go.....someday......not a bad place to go, that's for sure.
Happy weekend!!!