Thursday, May 6, 2010

#127/365 Once A Year, in Iowa Falls

Awesome Art Deco Building on the Main Street.

Love these neon signs. They are so cool.

The first air conditioned building in Iowa Falls.

The Princess is still an old fashioned soda fountain for a few hours each day.

I have no idea if they still serve Steak and Chops.

Love the color combo of the black and pink.

Metropolitan Opera House. It is now a movie theater.

Magnificent doors.

Love the ornate carvings.

How could someone be so skilled? I have no idea.

OK. This guy's a little creepy.

Wow. This building is just massive. I am glad the city has preserved so much of their history.

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Dolores said...

Wow, what a beautiful old buildings....and how wonderful that they're still standing. Breaks my heart when they tear the old buildings down for new and modern.

Thanks Terryn for your thoughts and prayers!