Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#126/365 Hypothetically Speaking....

So, there was this Guy and this Girl and they both got home from work about the same time and were sort of sharing the highlights of their respective days, by the mailbox at the curb, while their dog did her bidness.

And they both noticed the nice, shiny black 4-door sedan with the really well-behaved golden retriever in the back seat. They even spoke nicely to the dog, since that was the type of people they are.

And then, the Guy and the Girl strolled into the house, to figure out their plans for the evening. And as they debated eating in vs. eating out, the doorbell rang.

Immediately, the Girl's eyes grew wide and she gasped, "Oh no!! I bet that is a ... drum roll ... CENSUS WORKER!!". (eyes wide for dramatic effect)

He chuckles and strolls to the door. She cowers in the kitchen.

Guy answers the door. A male voice asks the Guy if he will verify his address. The Guy laughs and says, "What's it say?" (referring to the visible house number).

The Voice answers, "Do you have a few minutes to answer some questions for ... drum roll ... the Census?". The Guy replies, "Nope." and begins to close the door. The Voice tries one.last.time.

"How about your wife? Does she have time?".

"Nope", the Guy replies, closing and locking the door.

Guy enters the kitchen to find the Girl doubled over in laughter. The guy says, "I thought you sent in the census". The Girl replies, "Naw. I never did. It's right there on the counter". The Guy and Girl lock gazes and then, both begin to laugh loudly.

The girl grabs a pen, hastily writes a number in the first line on the form, folds it, inserts it into the SASE, licks the flap and walks the envelope back to the mailbox at the curb, flipping up the red flag and laughing all the way back to the house.


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Dolores said...

How cute......glad you finally got it in the mail....