Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#125/365 Love Story in a Cemetery

While we were staying on Pensacola Beach, we saw a very small cemetery at Fort Pickens. This was one of the headstones in the tiny, ornately fenced plot. I felt so sad that I could not read all the small curvy writings.

Through the wonder of the internet, I was able to find someone who had transcribed the inscription (why, yes, I *do* have too much time on my hands some days, thanksforasking). lol

Here is what it says:

Sabra Lanear
consort of
David Williams
Born Sept 25, 1774
Died May 25, 1846

Kind angels watch this sleeping dust
Till Jesus comes to raise the just
Then may she wake with sweet surprise
And in her savior's image rise.

Farewell, my husband, my life is past.
My love for you through life did last.
Grieve not for me nor sorrow take,
But love my children for my sake.

How interesting. And sweet. And sad.

I will admit I looked up the meaning of "consort", as I was not sure what exactly was implied by the term (it is all on the up and up, btw).

Secondly, how interesting the way the first 'verse' is written as though the husband is speaking and the second, as though she is.

And love 'my children for my sake'? Not 'our' children'?

As a woman who has 'blended' a family, that sort of verbage sounds as though she had children that we not 'his'; perhaps, from a prior marriage?

No matter the circumstances, it sounds as though theirs was a love story.

Isn't that an admirable legacy to leave?


Donna said...

I also wondered about the term "consort".

I love the peace I feel at graveyards. All of the people who lived and loved and were (are) terribly missed.

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Dolores said...

I love walking through old graveyards and reading the sentiments.
This was old, ornate and so sweet !!