Saturday, May 1, 2010

#122/365 Spur of the Moment, Road Trip Food

Joensy's in Center Point, Iowa, brags about having the biggest? (or is it best?) tenderloins in Iowa.

Huh. We shall see about that, I thought. Bring. it. on.

Is he serious? He LOVED this kitcshy piece of work and declared we need one on our dining room table. I assured him that this was NOT an idea that would see fruition, unless we place it on the deck.

See all that meant hanging outta the bun at the top of the sandwich? I ate that part.

And half the onion rings. OK, 3/4s of them, but only because Mark was going to let them go to waste (my waist, as it turns out). haha

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eureka1951 said...

We love that place but haven't been there in years. Tenderloins are everywhere anymore so we don't have to drive so far. There is also a Jonesy's in La Porte too.