Saturday, May 1, 2010

#120/365 Friday Fun

Tempura Asparagus, yummy Fruit Tea, Vegetable Spring Rolls.
(in the upper left corner, you can see Sue's cute cardigan)

California Roll


*This* was my Friday reward to self for this week. I got to have lunch with my wonderful friend, Sue.

Sue and I worked together for MANY years and I learned so much from her; about autism and kids, about helping families cope, about educating others, about working as a team, about being a support to a classroom teacher, about life and love and raising a family.

Sue values the acknowledgment of life passages; the birth of a baby, a marriage, a divorce, a graduation, a birthday. With Sue's leadership, our 'team' has learn to value to caring for one another, not just as professionals, but as women, mothers, wives, friends.

Sue retired a year or so ago and I miss her terribly. And although we live minutes from one another, we do not share the daily grind with one another any more. That means, effort must be made to keep connected.

I pray we are able to maintain the remembrance of shared adversity and of life passages, in this new chapter of Sue's life.

Makes me want to retire...NOW, please. lol

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