Friday, April 2, 2010

#91/365 Thursday?? What happened to you??

This cemetery is near a home I visit for my job.

Little Annanetta was only 2 when she died. How her parents must have grieved.

This was the only other headstone I could find. I think it's sad.

This bridge is the end point of one of our canoe trips. I love it.

My husband is so well-trained, he knows when I see a "brown sign", I'm gonna want to read it. He needn't even ask. :D

Funny story 'bout this pull out point for the canoes. When we canoe, I sit in the front (and do nothing). The hubs sits in the rear and does it all. I am so blessed. Anyway, as we came to the pull out, I nimbly hopped out and began to pull the canoe up far enough, so that Mark's feet wouldn't get wet, as he disembarked.

I am sure there is a physics lesson here, but as you will soon learn, I am no physics scholar. Anyway, as I pulled on the skinny front end of the canoe, the back end (where Mark was) was dragging the bottom, essentially turning the canoe into some sort of rotisserie, which quick as a wink, dumped Mark into the drink.

I was horrified and pretty scared that I was gonna hear about how I should have known better than to do that. And that Mark would (rather rightfully) be angry about the long car ride ahead in muddy, gackky river water clothes. But, as I stood there on the bank (RIGHT ^^^ THERE ^^^), the hubs surfaced laughing his head off. Phew.

For March, in Iowa, this is HOT. Heck, for me this is HOT anytime.

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eureka1951 said...

This place looks familiar! Is it by Shell Rock? We have also canoed (is that a word) that area. We would be dropped off and paddle to our car down the road a piece. I can't believe you dumped the hubby. Wish I could have seen that!