Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#117/365 Heaven on Earth

Oh Em Gee.


Do not walk.

RUN to get one of these concrete mixer raspberry cheesecake shakes at Culver'$ before they are no longer available.

Mark and I split one and wow!! Real pieces of creamy cheesecake, tons of raspberries and even the graham cracker crust all mixed together into their custard-y ice cream. (insert embarrassingly satisfied food-eating noises)

And Vicky? I don't even wanna KNOW how many WW points this is. LOL


eureka1951 said...

You only had half???? Now that is willpower honey!! Good for you! We live too far away or I'd be stopping there more often too. Oh, the temptations we face daily! LOL!!

Dolores said...

Yummmmy, sounds so delicious! We only have Dairy Queens in our area, but I love their blizzards...
Good for you, for only having 1/2.