Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#110/365 One of the Only Things that Used to Make Me Curse My (former) Single Parent Status

My Big Bad Bugger Sucker made by Discovery Kids.

Heh heh

I feel powerful with this badboy.

Look at that NASTY thing. ^^^^^
(click on either photograph to enlarge and get up close and personal)


I especially HATE spiders, at night, darting about unpredictably on my living room carpet.

And I really, especially HATE, HATE, HATE spiders, darting about unpredictably on my living room carpet, when my husband ain't home.

Thus, the BIG BAD BUG SUCKER was purchased.

And no, the grandson cannot play with this.

The Big Bad Bug Sucker is not a TOY. lol


Dolores said...

Oh...I'm laughing at my first thought when I read bugger sucker and saw this...... I was thinking of the kind that comes out of the nose..... how gross of me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! that is awesome, except my boys would use to catch spiders outside and bring in. kind've not the point, eh!