Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#104/365 Baaad FibroDay

Even the soles of my feet hurt, throbbing, pulsing. ugh

The trigger points in my neck and shoulders are the palpable-size of olives.

The headache is numbing.

The mind-fog is debilitating.

All because I sat for 4 hours on a hard, locker-room style bench, mostly without moving, at the concert last night.

Repetitive, overuse of my muscles is like poison, leading to burning, burning, nonstop pain.

This is the worst I have been, maybe for years.

The other contributing factor is the fact that it has been 8 weeks since my last therapeutic massage. I have learned the hard way to have one massage per month (plus taking all my meds and stretching and moving). By doing so, I will keep this misery at bay.

I forgot that I must take care of this body or I will pay for it.

I still have fibro, even though (thankfully) most days I pretty much forget about it.

Not today.

No. Today, I could not forget.


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend. I'm so sad to hear your body is so achy. Please let me know if we need to reschedule our fun night tomorrow. It would be a better idea to relax and enjoy the evening at home than to push your body and hurt. We can always reschedule!!! :)
love kris

Dolores said...

Hoping that you've rested, gotten a massage and that you're feeling a lot better!!!! Pain is awful, to say the least!